Thursday 05 October, 2023

VC breaks down deck behind Wise’s $1.3m seed raise

Cocoon Capital’s Michael Blakey turned down the same deck from Wise a decade ago. Find out why.

Wise is a London-based fintech startup that lets expats, foreign students, and businesses move money at affordable rates. In 2012, the company used this pitch deck to secure US$1.3 million in seed funding and is now valued at around US$3.5 billion. 

In this video, Cocoon Capital co-founder Michael Blakey breaks down what did and did not work in Wise’s pitch deck. He’s also candid about why he turned down Wise’s pitch and this exact deck a decade ago. 

Cocoon Capital is an early-stage seed fund based in Singapore. 

View the rest of the series here. 


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Candice Lee

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