Thursday 05 October, 2023

VC breaks down Bukalapak’s seed round pitch deck

Michael Blakey, co-founder of Cocoon Capital, candidly critiques Bukalapak’s seed round pitch deck and shares the one element that saved it.

Ecommerce firm Bukalapak is Indonesia’s first listed tech unicorn, raising US$1.5 billion in a 2021 initial public offering that was the biggest in the history of the Indonesian stock exchange.

But years before in 2011, the firm was simply gunning to raise its seed round. In this video, Cocoon Capital co-founder Michael Blakey breaks down the pitch deck that Bukalapak used to secure the fundraise. He candidly critiques what works and what could have been done better from an investor point of view.

Cocoon Capital is an early-stage seed fund based in Singapore.

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Deck: Bukalapak


Candice Lee

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